Yogi Lemon Green Ginger Tea 16 Tea Bags Pack Of

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Yogi Lemon Green Ginger Tea 16 Tea Bags Pack Of
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Product details : Brand : Yogi, Description : Yogi lemon green ginger tea, 16 tea bags (pack of 6) all natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients lively tea that provides a refreshing pick-me-up with bright citrus notes from lemon peel and lemongrass ginger and peppermint support digestion with their warming and enlivening qualities high quality organic green tea from india, china and sri lanka supply antioxidants enjoy a cup of this flavorful tea and refresh your well-being naturally usda certified organic herbal supplement made with non-gmo ingredients at yogi we believe the purpose of business is to serve. yogi was founded on that belief and still uses the idea of business serving as its guiding principle: 'feel good, be good, do good.' at yogi we are committed to providing healthy, natural teas...