USB Rechargeable Battery Electronic Cigar/Cigarette Lighter

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USB Rechargeable Battery Electronic Cigar/Cigarette Lighter
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Product details : Usb rechargeable battery electronic cigar/cigarette lighter   usb power rechargeable battery cigarette lighter cash check. -green electronic cigarette lighter -powered by can be recharged through usb cable. -you need not fill with any fuel into this product. -inspection light for money: testing banknote metal body great product for travellers the environmental protection electronic cigarette lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery. battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times.(please charge the battery before it's discharged completely, which can extend the life of battery.) this product's usb interface is only used for charge. this products's usb interface can be connected to your computer, mobile phone chargers, and any other charger whose output voltage is less...