Tynor Knee Cap Rigid Hinge

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Tynor Knee Cap Rigid Hinge
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Product details : Brand : Tynor, knee cap with rigid hinge a versatile device which offers the advantage of compression around the knee and the support of a side splint, while allowing normal flexion of knee. rigid hinges : rigid side splinting and free flexion movement. bilayered, cotton on the inside : ensures dermophillic interphone with the skin, more comfort and better patient compliance. bilayered, nylon on the outside : long life, excellent aesthetics, color fastness and better comfort. anti tourniquet effect : no constriction to blood flow, on one hand and better grip to the body on the other., Key Features : 1.extra strap for secured fitting 2.side splinting with free flexion movement 3.double layered and four way stretch fabric 4.hinge, mimics the motion of natural knee joint, Warranty : Not applicable,...