Tricolor Nation Tricolour Patriotic Women's T-shirt "Number 1" (White)

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Tricolor Nation Tricolour Patriotic Women's T-shirt "Number 1" (White)
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Product details : Fabric: Cotton Sleeves: Half Collars & Neck: Round. Yes we are number one! we are the biggest democracy and the discoverer of the first numeral in mathematics - zero! celebrate when india wins the latest odi or test series, or an indian is crowned the top shooter. or wear it 'cos you are proud of our nation all the time! from tricolor nation, a brand that celebrates the pride and love (and sometimes frustration) we feel for india, its regions, architecture, organizations, achievements and more, with fresh, modern creations. created from the finest natural and manmade fabrics available, printed with non-plastic inks, the items are manufactured and printed in india. each design is created from scratch, and uses colors and shapes that resonate with india's national identity.
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