Ratan's Oberid Capsules - Pack Of 60 Capsules

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Ratan's Oberid Capsules -  Pack Of 60 Capsules
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Product details : Obesity means a body full of problems & diseases, which has no sign of healthiness. the person whose body is fat, heavy & obese, generally feels the daily routine of life as a burden. if we don’t get aware of this problem on time, this problem can create lots of disorders & diseases in a healthy person . mainly this can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, pain in joints & muscles, lethargy and tiredness,& other lot of problems which always harms & are dangerous to body & mind . after lots of intense researches & experiments the specialists of ratan ayurvedic sansthan have come out with a solution to this problem with an exclusive formulation of rare herbal medicines ‘oberid’ fat loss capsule,which is a very useful medicine for fat loss. the...