Protis Whey 100 200g. Whey Protein Concentrate

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Protis Whey 100 200g. Whey Protein Concentrate
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Product details :   protis whey (100% whey protein) supplies one of the highest quality and most researched proteins available. we are using saputo (canada) brand whey protein concentrate in our formulation protis whey.    gmo free - no sweetener, no colour, no flavour, no gluten, no wheat.  100% whey protein is quick dissolving and easy to mix protein powder.  maintains big lean muscle mass - helps in muscle gain and not fat gain.  l-glutamine is best in its natural form to preserve muscle breakdown and improve performance.  protis whey- 100% whey protein contains high quality protein (whey protein per 3.2) with added advantage of bcaa for muscle glycogen preservation and reduces protein breakdown.  features & benefits protein serves as a dietary source of amino acids....