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Product details : Platform: Ps3 Publisher: Electronic Arts Mode: Single Playermulti Player Genre: Role Playing (?) Pan European Game Information (pegi) Pegi Rating: 18 Esrb Rating: M (mature 17+). When all the realms of the land are in deep turmoil and chaos, a hero must rise to save the land from utter destruction. rated 18 by pegi, developed by bioware and published by electronic arts, dragon age: inquisition is asingle-player action role-playing game for the ps3 console. this game incorporates both, the frostbite 3 and thespeedtree game engine. dragon age : inquisition is the third main release in the dragon age franchise. set in the fantasy world of thedas, dragon age : inquisition offers greater geographic territory than previous installments. ensuing from the events that took place in the supplementary novels, masked empire and dragon age: asunder, the narrative of dragon age : inquisition witnesses...
Dragon Age Inquisition