Playboy Vegas Deodorant Spray - 150 Ml

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Playboy Vegas Deodorant Spray - 150 Ml
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Product details : Brand: Playboy Model Id: Playboy Vegas Deodorant Spray By Type: Spray Quantity Range: 100 - 150 Ml. Playboy vegas deodorant spray - 150 ml key features oriental fougere and floral notes long-lasting fragrance bold and unique dangerously seductive and passionately provocative, the playboy vegas deo spray evokes your inner wildness and brings out the carefree playfulness in you. with an irresistibly powerful fragrance, and an aura of ambrosial pleasure, the mischievously flirtatious concoction indulges your senses in sinful delight and takes you on a ride to your own version of paradise. the playboy vegas mass premium deodorant is an exciting fragrance designed to charm the quintessential male. with an assortment of carefully picked aromas, the deodorant is vivacious and refreshing, no matter when or where you wear it. ideal for both daily or party wear, the playboy vegas is...
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