OZTERN Class 1 CBSE Program-USB (Science & Math’s)

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OZTERN Class 1 CBSE  Program-USB (Science & Math’s)
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Product details : Books For: Class 1 Format: Usb Drive Language: English. An effective supplementary program to a student’s mainstream education: you can practice worksheets of the lessons covered in the classroom to identify your knowledge gaps and visualize the concepts in a lesson using our rich videos. building a strong foundation of concepts in mathematics & science: it will sharpen your analytical and problem solving skills in mathematics & science so that it will help you in your future studies and professional career. enhancing student engagement through gaming techniques: the software rewards your achievements and motivates you to add more points into your account. the more points you earn, the more knowledge you acquire from your activities. allows parents to be actively involved in the learning process: the system updates parents regularly...