Original Mystic Knot Symbol For Long-lasting Relation

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Original Mystic Knot Symbol For Long-lasting Relation
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Product details : Product Features : New mystic knot symbol for long-lasting relation the mystic knot is sometimes called the endless knot as it is said to ''''swallow its own tail''''. the esoteric meaning of this symbol implies there is not beginning and no end reflecting the buddhist philosophy that existence is one endless round of birth & rebirth. in spiritual tradition, this knot is often regarded as lucky knot, but at a less spiritual level; the knot is the perfect emblem for undying love. it represents a long life un-interrupted by separation, heart break setback or suffering. a symbol for longevity & endless togetherness and also signifies good health. hang or place the symbol in the south-west corner of your bedroom. all above mentioned descriptions are according to chinese mythology seller is not...
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