MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro, Kesar Pista Badam 1.5kg

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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro, Kesar Pista Badam 1.5kg
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Product details : Brand: Muscleblaze Width: 170 Height: 205 Length: 170 Weight: 1500. Gain more muscle, more energy and more strength muscleblazetm mass gainer pro features a unique blend of proteins, carbohydrates and fat that gives your muscles enhanced growth like never before. in each serving of muscleblazetm mass gainer pro, you get 18.5g of high quality protein, 66g of carbohydrates and 378 calories for an ideal caloric and nutritional support to help you achieve a muscular bulk and transform your body.   enriched with creatine, betaine, glutamine
& mct oil   muscleblazetm mass gainer pro is scientifically formulated with a unique mix of creatine, betaine and glutamine to take your training to next level. creatine provides a continuous supply of energy to your muscles while betaine aids in efficient absorption of creatine, protein and amino acids. it is...