Love From India - Front Sequin Floral Design Shirt

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Love From India - Front Sequin Floral Design Shirt
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Product details : Fabric: Polyester Color: Off White Sleeves: Full Wash Care: Handwash. Love from india brings to you this beautiful and stylish tunic top with amazing floral designs which is sequinned. this long sleeved tunic shirt is bound to give you the tropical yet glamourous feel. this shirt brings you a factor of sophistication because it's made with the finest fabric . about us for decades, the fashion scene around the world has been inspired by the nuances of india and what she represents. love from india - lfi brings to life the beauty and energy of india in the form of easy to wear, trendy and world class fashion wear. our tunic line is designed for every day use, thatç—´ both, easy-going and fashionably stylish. with designs that are young, contemporary and trendy, lfi is the ideal choice for women of all ages. our wide range includes prints on cotton silk and cotton...
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