Kitchen Combo - Juicer Apple Cutter 6 In 1 Slicer

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Kitchen Combo - Juicer Apple Cutter 6 In 1 Slicer
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Product details : Product Features : Complete kitchen combo - professional juicer apple cutter easy slicer , heavy duty professional juicer - now fresh juice at home, get the ever green professional juicer for your home., this juicer uses the age-old technology that has been very successful & proven over the years., this is like same juicer that you see at your neighborhood juice shop., these kind of juicers are best suited for fruits as they give minimum wastage of juice in the leftover., these juicers take out every drop out from the fruit you are extracting., will give you minimum wastage as compared to the modern mixer/juicers which work on a different technology where there is wastage of juice., the modern mixer/juicers are more suited for vegetable juice, but for fruits nothing can beat this conventional...