KHADI - Herbal Face Wash - 210ml

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KHADI - Herbal Face Wash - 210ml
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Product details : Brand : Khadi, khadi products are a symbol of india"s long and rich history and relatively recent struggle for independence in the mid 20th century. khadi products are handmade by people in villages all across india using the traditional ingredients and techniques that they have been for millenia. these khadi face scrubs are made in a base of rosewater & sandalwood oil with finely milled walnuts for exfoliation and infused with additional oils and fruit juices to enhance their nourishing and toning effects. rosewater is a soothing and softening base, rich with toning agents that improve the texture and complexion of the skin, leaving it softer and more supple. similarly, sandalwood improves the tone and complexion, but has a tightening and firming effect on the skin. this improves the elasticity...
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