Jolen Sun Shield Cream(Spf-20) - 100 Ml

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Jolen Sun Shield Cream(Spf-20) - 100 Ml
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Product details : Brand: Jolen Contents: Natural Sun Cream Skin Type: All Skin Types Spf: 20 Waterproof: Yes. Jolen crème sun shield with uva & uvb sun filter protects skin from harmful uv rays, which cause skin tanning & pre-mature ageing. enriched with curcuma longa extract, which acts as antiseptic and gives fairness effect to the skin. turmeric is a super skin care spice. it helps you to reduce pigmentation on your face and even out your skin tone. this excellent anti-oxidant is known to help prevent various diseases as well as cancer. it helps in to reduce skin rashes as well. it combat tanning and gives skin a brightening effect ingredients - aqua, sunflower oil, vitamine, turmeric usage - apply gently jolen crème sun shield in circular motion on the face, neck, arms 5-7 minutes before sun exposure to keep the skin protected from sun (uv rays).do not apply the crème...