IProf's CBSE Class 12 PCM Premium Pack On Pen-Drive [CLONE]

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IProf's  CBSE Class 12 PCM Premium Pack On Pen-Drive [CLONE]
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Product details : Brand: Sandisk Books For: Class 12 Subject: 16gb. This premium pack is designed especially for changed pattern of cbse exam.the new pattern is highly focused on conceptual understanding and reasoning ability. this pack contains video lectures. each topic is lucidly explained with animations and graphics. at the end of every chapter ,audio-visual mnemonics, solved examples, exercise and test are given. audio-visual mnemonics improves retention by more than 30%. tests can be taken any number of times depending upon the desired level of performance. features of cbse class 12 pcm premium pack: 1. video lectures-65 hours of high quality video lectures of physics,chemistry and mathematics 2.reading material-1200+ pages of digitized notes in e-book format 3. practice questions & mock tests - 3750 questions for continuous practice 4. subscription...
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