Head Pin Vise Spiral-Spiral Hand Drill With Bits

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Head Pin Vise Spiral-Spiral Hand Drill With Bits
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Product details : Product Features : Spiral hand drill w/ pin vise and bits 1 new pin vise this is a new pin vise they can be used as a hand drill with small twist drills and a screwdriver with small screwdriver blades it is easy to tighten and loosen the end it holds wire, stock or tubing for filing includes two double-ended collets, one in screw chuck and the other stored in the handle this has a capacity of 0 to 0.106" (0 to 2.7 mm) it measures approximately 3 1/2" (88 mm) long new spiral drill this is a new spiral drill to use just move the center piece up and down it measures approximately 3 3/4" (95 mm) long 20 high speed twist drill bits the is a new set of 20 high speed steel twist drill bits great for drilling ferrous metals, tough casting sand forgings, working hardened stainless steel and other hard...