Hawaiian Herbal Papaya Leaf Extract Powder

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Hawaiian Herbal  Papaya Leaf Extract Powder
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Product details : Product Features : Papaya leaf extract powders is launched first time in india in technical collaboration with hawaiian herbals, usa. it is 100% natural ayurvedic preparation specially designed to support digestive health. it is a halal & kosher certified product & produced under gmp guidelines. health benefits: papaya leaves are loaded with essential nutrients such as vitamins a, b1, c and e, calcium, phosphorous, iodine and water to support optimum health. numerous studies suggest that leaves contain enzyme papain that aids in digestion by breaking down the protein naturally. papaya is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, upto 20 times more powerful than vitamin e.key ingredients: it contains papaya leaf extract. directions for use: 10 g of powder can be mixed with water, juice or...