GTEE Green Tea Bags-Jasmine (25 Tea Bags X 2PACKS)

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GTEE Green Tea Bags-Jasmine (25 Tea Bags X 2PACKS)
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Product details : Brand : GTEE, Enhance your mood with GTEE Jasmine Green Tea., Green Tea polyphenols Increase fat metabolism and reduces weight., Reduces bad cholesterol and improves heart health. Best rejuvenant. Enhances immunity and delay ageing., Specialty: No added Sugars, Colorants, Artificial Additives or Preservatives. Contains added Natural Flavouring Substances. Health benefits: Antioxidant, Brewing method: Tear the pouch, remove the tea bag and place in a tea cup. Pour 150 ml of freshly boiled water (85 - 90° C) on the tea bag and leave to infuse for 90 - 120 seconds. Gently remove the bag from the cup. The resulting infusion can be served hot or cold. If you prefer sweeten with sugar or honey.