Domo Book Cover For 7 Inch Tablet Pc (Black)

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Domo Book Cover For 7 Inch Tablet Pc (Black)
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Product details : Brand : Domo, the domo ncase b9 is a universal carry case for 7" tablets pc"s and it doesn"t just protect your tablet, it allows you to rotate your tablet in a 360 degree motion and doubles up as a tablet stand. you can put your tablet in portrait or landscape mode for watching videos or lay it flat for typewriting. the 4 hinges suspended on straps lock your tablet securely and at the same time ensure that they don"t interfere with your tablets buttons or interface. the straps are made of elastic so it can adapt to different tablet sizes while the hinges are slim yet strong to ensure they dont interfere with your tablets buttons. there are 3 camera slots for tablets which have back cameras. you can adjust or rotate the platter to align with the holes if you wish to click pictures while the...