Clean Planet Bag Of The Year Urban Blue

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Clean Planet Bag Of The Year Urban Blue
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Product details : Product Features : "here''s an earth friendly tote that will keep you up to date. delve into those thoughts, cherish time and perhaps bring about change. a bag that''s more than just a bag! versatile in its utility, it makes for a nifty calendar, which does not need monthly flipping, or as a handy file-folder for your important letters, documents, etc. or as a cool looking wall calendar for your home or office. and when the year''s done, just turn it over and you have yourself a cool eco bag. clean planet is a brand passionate about creating eco-stylish products for a sustainable world. at clean planet we understand that ''when you throw something away, there is no ""away"" it remains here on planet earth. we are a brand which creates products that are both stylish and eco-friendly. from a...