Cinnamon Sticks Online Home Delivery Whole 50 Gms

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Cinnamon Sticks Online Home Delivery Whole 50 Gms
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Product details : Cinnamon sticks online home delivery whole 50 gms old style hand crushed, extreme fresh and high quality masala. simply feel the difference once you start using the masala. nearly 90 types of masala’s you can find in my ebay listing. (some are seasonal and others you can find it out throughout the year) if you would like an masala you don't find in my listing or would like a different form,  please let us know. masala  you receive may vary a bit in color or size and shape of the cut. to view all our masala listings, see my other items listed. * most of the masala we sell are restaurant grade and are for home consumption. you will make taste as per the restaurant. perfect for use in cooking,   (we sell only the freshest masala. for this reason we try not to stock...