Callmate LED Portable Projector - Black

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Callmate LED Portable Projector - Black
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Product details : Features: portable multimedia projector contrast 300: 1 320x240 resolution 30 lumens led mini projector with 320x240 resolution, 30 lumens and 300: 1 contrast is a compact projector, which perfect for business, travel or pleasure. the "portimax-300" led mini projector is suitable for an array of different scenarios, such as during a business meeting to show your presentation, while traveling for a long time and stuck in a hotel and you need some sort of entertainment or it can be used at home with your friends to watch a variety of different video formats. the "portimax-300" has 30ansi lumens and therefore the projecting light output that is projected is excellent, especially considering the size of this mini projector. the contrast ratio is 300: 1 hence this projector's name, and due to this...
Callmate LED Portable Projector