Callmate IPad 5 In 1 Camera Connaction Kit

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Callmate IPad 5 In 1 Camera Connaction Kit
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Product details : Brand: Callmate. Ipad users now have the option to buy a single adapter that can read micro sd cards and sd cards, connect to power, computers, or peripherals with usb and mini-usb ports, and send an analog video signal to a tv using composite av cables. that's five adapters in one device, although no more than one of its five functions will operate simultaneously; users can only plug one device into the adapter at a time · with the ipad camera connection kit. you can easy download the photos from digit camera to your ipad and share them with your family and friends · the kit has two connectors, each with a different interface, the camera connector features a usb port. it doesn't support 3g iphone. but its supports external keyboards · using the sd(hc), ms duo, m2, t-flash card reader imports photos from...