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Call Of Duty Ghosts PS3
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Product details : Platform: Ps3 Publisher: Activision Mode: Single Playermulti Player Genre: First Person Shooter (?) Pan European Game Information (pegi) Pegi Rating: 18 Esrb Rating: M (mature 17+).   ghosts is the name of the next title in the call of duty series and it releases this year across multiple platforms. the game has been developed by infinity ward and is published by activision. it has a pegi rating of 18 for simulated violence and war depictions. the game is a fps action adventure series and comes with a gripping single player storyline as well as a highly interactive and engaging multiplayer mode. cod is a franchise that has, in recent times been known to define a generation of gaming. it sets the bar on war simulation games with the latest cod title, ghosts. the game ushers in a new era while delivering an all-new riveting gameplay experience. the storyline is completely new, deviating significantly from the previous titles where story progression seemed to follow...
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