Brahmz Reed Diffuser Set - Vanilla RDFR-4

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Brahmz Reed Diffuser Set - Vanilla RDFR-4
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Product details : Brahmz aroma reed diffuser set contains 100 ml reed oil, aroma jar, and 6 sticks. how they work: reeds are inserted into the bottle or jar of the scented oil, each read has 10-20 "pores" or "channels" that run their entire length. kind of like "straws" these pores sucks the oil to the top, and hence flows the scent in the room. how to use: put the fragrance oil into the bottle or jar provided and place the reed sticks along with it to absorb the fragrance oil. as, a usual practice once in a couple of days flip the soaked side to the air and dry side into the jar so that soothing fragrance can enhance your room with the air flow.specificationscapacity fullcolor transparentitem model number bmz-rdfr-van4item part number bmz-rdfr-van4item weight 249 gprimary material glassproduct dimensions 6...