Ash Tray Or Cigar Receptacle- Barware (Black Pottery)

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Ash Tray Or Cigar Receptacle- Barware (Black Pottery)
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Product details : The handmade ash tray – blackstone is a fabulous piece of home decor that proves to be serving well with its usefulness. doing away with the cigarette butts can be quite a hassle, especially when you’re smoking at home. but with a product like the stunning blackstone ash tray by your side, you will find it easier and convenient to dispose them off. just place the ashtray wherever you are smoking in and witness a luxurious touch to your experiences. as it has an excellent appeal, you can also use the ashtray for home decoration purposes. it will be a great addition to your vintage-inspired home decor idea. this state-of-the-art ashtray uses premium black soil that is turned and shaped with hands to come up with such an interesting appeal. it is durable and reusable.