Aptron 9 IN 1 Emergency Toolkit With Light

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Aptron 9 IN 1 Emergency Toolkit With Light
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Product details : Product Features : Packing a wide assortment of tools to help you tackle problems ranging from finding your keys in the dark to cutting your own hair, the 9-in-1 emergency light is like a flashlight with a built-in swiss army knife. this flashlight has pretty much got everything except the kitchen sink stuffed into its base. each unit features a knife, bottle opener, scissors, phillips-head screwdriver, hammer, and a nifty carabiner so you can easily strap it to your jeans or utility belt. whether you"re cracking a beer on a sunny afternoon or gearing up for the always-imminent apocalypse looming just around the corner, the 9-in-1 emergency light is here to make your life easier by amalgamating all the essential tools into one convenient gadget., Warranty : Na, In The Box : 1 x aptron 9 in...
Toolkit With Led Light