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Amway Nutrilite Hair, Skin And Nail
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Product details : Healthy hair, skin n nails is desireable by every women to look beautifull. but, in today's urban lifestyle of women they are not able to maintaln a healthy nutritius lifestyle for themselves. women being multi tasking now days requres lot of physical and mental energy. also lifestyle playsan important role in determining the chronic diseases in the body. few of the factors affecting womens health are: 1. no physical activity 2. nutritionally poor diet 3. improper food choices 4. mono diets 5. high level of stress 6. fat diet 7.. restrictive diets etc. 4 pillars of optimum health are: positive attitude,, adequate rest, regular exercise and good nutrition. amway has designed a nutritional supplement specially for women who faces lot of challenges in todays life in work place and home as well....
Hair, Skin And Nails