5 Motor Massage Seat Cushion Car

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5 Motor Massage Seat Cushion Car
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Product details : Product Features : New useful deep-heat massager this two in one massager can be used as a heater as well as a vibrating massager. heating helps in relaxing the muscles and joints and vibration helps in massaging the muscles. head massager: there is one special head for massaging your head which improves blood circulation in the head. also provides relief from nagging headaches. resilient, relaxes. body manipulator: large concentric rings give unique variable massaging action face massager: comes with a sponge on top which gently massages your face and improves blood circulation in the face. soft foam, puff aids application of facial creams and lotions joints massager: for massaging those joints when they are tired and paining. reaches, deep, deep down assists muscle tone. thermal massager:...